Makalidurga trek Distance from Bangalore

A little bit of adventure is necessary for those bored of their daily routine. It can refresh them and keep them motivated. If you are on the verge of burnout too, bored of your humdrum life and looking for one day outing, there are places around Bangalore which could give you a nice respite. And if you are not too keen on going too far off from the city, Makalidurga is the ideal option for you. Get a group of friends together and take a trek in Makalidurga. In all probability, you will love the experience.

How to reach Makalidurga?

Makalidurga is a small village located about 60 km from Bangalore. And although it is small, with hardly any local population, you can still get a train from Yesavanty Junction at 08:15 in the morning to Makalidruga destination. It is a very short train journey and is the most comfortable way to reach Makalidurga.
However, if you are more of the adventurous sort, or you hate travelling in trains, you could always take a bus or drive to the destination yourself. In fact, biking from Bangalore to Makalidurga makes for an interesting road trip. You will to reach Doddaballpur from Bangalore, and then ask for directions from locals to Makalidurga. The small village of Makalidurga is located about 15 to 16 km from Doddaballapur.
The experience that you are likely to get

As you reach Makalidurga, the calmness of the place is palpable. It comes as a very nice respite from the mad rush of the city. You will hardly find any people around, which makes this place a really tranquil destination near Bangalore.

You are likely to notice the small railway station of the place (if you are driving down to the destination), which is very different from the usual stations you would have come across. There are no shops, no hawkers and no mad rush of people at this railway station. The next thing you notice is a fort like structure located atop a hill.
That's the prime attraction of Makalidurga, apart from a small temple located near the base of the hill. The trek to the top of the hill is pretty easy. With a little effort, you would be able to scale the barren rock faces and boulders, which get steeper as you climb up.
Although the trek is pretty simple, you would be well advised to carry a lot of water and food with you. There are hardly any shops around, so it is always better to carry your own stuff.
The top of the hill gives you an amazing view of the valley, and a lake which is located a few km from the place. The view from the top, of the train making its way through the hills, is enchanting too. The ruins of a fort at the top of the hill are spread across a wide area, which makes it ideal for camping as well.
You could embark on a night trek too

If you are the more adventurous sort, you could always take a night trek in Makalidurga. But make sure you have a professional guide with you while taking a night trek in Makalidurga. Although the rocks have directions on them, you could easily get lost at night. Other than that, make sure you carry food, water, a torch and a mosquito repellant with you.
Although it hardly gets cold here, if you are taking a night trek during the winter months, you would do well to carry a light jacket with you. The top of the hill does experience cool winds during the winter months.
The best time to visit
The summer months in Makalidurga can be quite hot, because of the lack of vegetation. Thus, if you don't want to sweat it out too much, you should avoid the summer months. The monsoon season makes the rocks and boulders very slippery, which makes trekking very difficult. Unless and until you are a professional, you would do well to avoid the monsoon months too.
The best to visit Makalidurga is between the months of October to February, when the temperature is just right for trekking as well as camping.

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