How to prepare for IIT JEE in class 11th and 12th

Getting through IIT is not a child’s play.It requires meticulous planning.Here is how you can prepare for IIT JEE in your class 11th and 12th.

  • Selection of right books to study is important.It would be better if you could consult with your friends and teachers or with someone who has already appeared for the exam.They will be able to provide insight into the type of books to study.
  • Analysing the previous year question papers is an essential part to begin the preparation.It will enable you to give more attention to the part from which most questions are being asked.
  • After the proper analysis of the question paper, you can start preparing a customized timetable for your preparation and follow it to the core.This is the best way to prepare for IIT JEE during your 11th and 12th.
  • You have to prepare a strategy to approach every subject.The same strategy cannot be applied to all subject as it varies from subject to subject as some are problematic and some are conceptual.
  • You have to constantly revise your subjects to have a thorough understanding.The fact that the IIT JEE syllabus comprises of the 11th and 12th syllabus for physics, chemistry and maths, it would be wise to start studying your class notes as well along with other materials.
  • While you prepare for class 11th and 12th exam you can start referring or studying from IIT books, thus enabling the student to prepare for 11th, 12th exams and IIT JEE simultaneously.
  • You should start solving previous year test papers and question banks to set the tone for the exam.
  • Do not read with the aim of completing a book as fast as you can, instead take your time and be patient in finishing the book you have at hand and then start with the next book.
  • Start devoting at least 4 hours a day to study in the beginning.It will take some time for you to adjust to the change in the schedule and syllabus but you will get used to it very soon.
  • You should have a qualitative approach towards preparation rather than a quantitative approach.
  • You should start preparing topic wise and not chapter wise. As you already know the topics which are frequently asked, it is a waste of time to read the entire chapter. Once you have completed one topic, start with the next topic.
  • Do a research on the frequently asked topics and the percentage of marks allotted to those topics.This can be easily found out if you go through the previous year question papers.
  • You need to go through books which have clear concepts and well explained basics.The NCERT books are the best option as they have concise definition and very simple examples of better and easy understanding.There are not many books like NCERT which can cover fundamentals so beautifully.
  • You can calibrate your progress by competing against time.This can be done through mock tests.
  • It is better to try and solve a particular set of questions 2 to 3 times instead of solving various sets of questions as this will help you to get a firm hold of the concept.Thus, by properly following the above tips, you can prepare for IIT JEE exams in your class 11th and 12th and crack the exam successfully.

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