How to prepare for IIT JEE without coaching

Getting into IIT is a dream come true for every aspiring student, but cracking the IIT JEE exam is the toughest part.Many think that coaching is necessary to crack the exam but it is not necessary.You can crack the IIT JEE exam without any coaching through proper and careful planning.Here are few tips to crack the JEE exam without any coaching.

Begin with NCERT

  • These books form the base for cracking the IIT JEE exam.
  • The common mistakes students do is that they start reading the reference books without having a strong background in basics.The NCERT books have simple definitions and examples in it.
  • NCERT books give a strong understanding of the basic concepts.Thus these are the best book to start with.

Be curious

  • Question every concept you are reading for the better understanding of that particular concept.
  • It helps you to widen your understanding and solve a complex problem over the period of time as you become clear about the concept.
  • Mugging never helps.

Use the multiple solution techniques

  • When you solve questions, do not solve 100 questions from a particular topic, instead solve a single question in different ways possible.
  • This will give you an understanding of solving a problem in multiple ways.
  • There will times, when your preferred methods will not be applicable in solving a particular problem.The multiple solving techniques can help you during such times.

Proper and wise revision

  • Revision is necessary for clearing the examination.
  • The best way is to spend 2 to 3 hours revising and the remaining time can be used to solve the problems from the reference books.This gives a thorough understanding of the concept.
  • The revision will help you boost your confidence and help you get a clear idea of the areas that need more focus.

Time management

  • It is necessary to plan and set a deadline for each task.
  • Time can be managed by preparing notes, which will help in easy revision.
  • Clarify all the doubts then and there.
  • Practice as many problems as you can to gain speed in problem-solving.

Appear for mock tests and solve previous year question papers

  • Testing your self at regular intervals is very important when you are preparing for IIT JEE from home without any coaching.
  • Mock tests and previous year question papers are the perfect solutions as it will help you to understand the areas where you are weak and the areas you are strong.You can continue the preparation accordingly.
  • Mock tests and the question papers will give you an idea about your problem-solving speed.

Choice of reference books

  • Once you have been through your NCERT books, start using the reference books.
  • These books cover basics as well as the advanced application which will strengthen your knowledge about the concepts.

Healthy lifestyle

  • Eat and sleep well.
  • Physical and mental fitness is very important for clearing the exam.
  • Have 8 hours of sleep and eat healthy foods.

Thus, with proper guidance and planning, it is easy to crack IIT JEE exam without coaching.All you need is proper preparation and confidence to face the exam.

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